Questions & Answers

How much does a funeral cost?

It depends on what you want. Funeral costs can start around $3,000 and go up from there. We would be happy to help you understand your funeral needs and how much they cost.

How may I prepay for my funeral?

There are many options available for prepayment. You can pay in full or choose from one of the many different monthly payment options. You will be surprised at how inexpensive it can be.

Is cremation less expensive?

It can be. There are a range of different service styles available for you to choose from when you select cremation. Some require just a basic container, which can significantly reduce your cost.

Why should I prepay for my funeral?

There are three main advantages to the prepayment of your funeral. First you have our price guarantee which helps you hedge inflation. Secondly, you relieve your family from financial burden. Thirdly, the money is tax sheltered.

I have life insurance, isn’t that good enough?

Personal life insurance is important to cover many costs at the time of a death. Unfortunately it does not guarantee your funeral cost. Also, the claim is not immediate and your family members or estate trustee will have to cover the costs until the money is received from the insurance company.

How safe is my money if I prepay my funeral?

Very safe! Your money is deposited in a financial institution that is a third party to the preplanning agreement. Protected by CDIC or Assuris your investment to cover your funeral will always be safe.

What is involved in preplanning my funeral?

First we determine your needs and create a funeral plan. Then we provide you with your payment options. And finally, we record your personal information so it’s ready to submit to the government at the time of need.