The Ogden Family

At Ogden's we have been a family business since 1948 when Doug and Effie Ogden first opened their doors in a private residence situated on Main Street of what was then known as Agincourt. They wanted to become known as a funeral home that was dedicated and committed to providing quality services that demonstrated integrity, fairness and honest concern for each family that they served.

Over the years Doug and Effie had three children; Sharon, Grant and Nancy. Just like your family their children made varying career choices and in the end it was Sharon Ogden who upon obtaining her funeral director's licence, along with Gordon McIlmoyle, chose to continue on in the family business. Active on a daily basis are their four daughters, Tracy, Lesley, Michelle and Kristine and sons-in-law John, Steve and Eddie. Their children as they grow will take the family business into a fourth generation.

We take our obligation to our community seriously, and strive to fulfill that obligation every day. We attempt to give back and support the community where our business is located by contributing to the growth of local businesses and various community groups and organizations. We are here to provide you with personalized attention to make sure we create with you a dignified departure service for your family member. This is the cornerstone of our business.

We are part of the Scarborough community, a family with values, beliefs and traditions. Our concern for you is genuine, our support sincere. We truly have a personal interest in you and your family - our neighbours and our friends. When you call on us, you're not calling upon strangers for assistance in your time of need. We truly are a family business that is here to serve your family...our family caring for yours.