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April 2018 - Sharon Ogden's 70th Birthday Celebration

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November 2017 - DNA Capsule Available Through The Ogden Funeral Home


November 2017 - The Making of A Casket by Victoriaville


August 2016 - Jack Goodlad Senior Citizen Residences
Estate Portfolio Seminar

Anita Manson, one of our licensed funeral directors and pre-planners, was invited to the Jack Goodlad Senior Citizen Residences by Joyce Spencer to hold a seminar on various topics including: How to plan your Estate Portfolio, Wills, Powers of Attorneys, Funeral Plans, and Cemetery Plans. Anita was grateful for the opportunity to share, enjoyed the experience and received wonderful feedback from the seminar.

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April 2016 - Tamil Engal Moochu Awards Gala

David Garvie and Ed Golem attended the Tamil Engal Moochu Awards Gala hosted by Thooral Magazine to celebrate the talents and creativity of the Tamil community. We would like to congratulate this year's award recipients for your achievements.

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April 2016 - College Boreal

Students visiting from College Boreal, spent some time with Ogdens learning about multicultural funerals, some of the customs, rituals and religious practices that we need to know in order to serve our families to the best of our abilities when a death occurs.

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January 2016 - MyBabbo is Featured on Global News


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November 2015
Ogden Hosted Dinner for Award Recipients

Picture from left to right: Ed Golem (15 Years of Service), Daniel Santos (10 Years of Service), Sharon Ogden (President), David Garvie (15 Years of Service), Margarida Cabral (15 Years of Service), Bernardette Machado (10 Years of Service) and Scott Pickard (absent from photo).







October 2015
David Garvie, President of the Ontario Funeral Service Association Attended the 2015 Convention

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Ogden is Featured on CTV News

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DNA Memorial


Ogden is Featured on Global News


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