After The Funeral

The Ogden Funeral Home has a unique specialized service called Extended Family Services Program. It is designed to be an extension of our services providing individuals with guidance and direction about practical needs and matters that must be attended to after the loss of a loved one. It is provided without any added cost or obligation.

Our Extended Family Services Program has become very popular with our families who have grown to appreciate the help and direction they have received from our EFS consultants.

Each family is personally contacted to arrange for an appointment date, time and location that is convenient to you and any other family member who may wish to be present. Together you will spend approximately 45 minutes reviewing, prioritizing and creating a plan of action for the weeks and months ahead.

Through the program we are able to provide contact information of various organizations and individuals who are able to direct and assist families with specific needs such as insurance claims, final tax returns, legal concerns, financial planning, bereavement support programs, etc.

The EFS consultants can also provide additional guidance in the creation of a cemetery monument and final inscription, selection of a cremation urn as well as provide a review of one’s personal Funeral Pre-arrangements for future reference and "peace of mind".